Articles and Announcements

  • Integral Intelligence Brochure

    Here’s a copy of our latest brochure in PDF format.  Feel free to download and print at your convenience.

  • Changing Practices,Transforming Paradigms: Accelerating the Development of Health Care Leaders

    In this article, the author proposes four foundational elements in developing health care leaders. These strategies are critical to supporting the transformation of leadership way-of-being. They help create more expansive leadership paradigms that successfully address the complexities and uncertainties in the new landscape of health care. She discusses her perspectives on particular challenges in developing health care leaders, as well as observations from colleagues who work in this field. Additionally, she offers insights from her dissertation research with health care leaders. Finally, the author demonstrates how she used what she learned from her research to co-create a novel approach to development and coaching, Integral Intelligence®. This is helping to powerfully transform leaders and their leadership paradigms in health care and other industries.

  • Press Release – Corporate Learning & Talent Development – We’ll be there!

    Unleashing the Potential for Powerful Business Results

    Pat Weger and Donna Stoneham of Integral Intelligence, a solution provider at the marcus evans Corporate Learning & Talent Development Summit 2012, on leadership development.

  • International Conference on Transformative Learning

    Donna will be presenting a paper and facilitating a presentation at the International Conference on Transformative Learning in Athens, Greece on May 28th-29th, 2011

  • Women Embracing Life and Leadership

    Donna Stoneham will be speaking on a panel of women leaders for the launch of Kaiser Permanente’s “Women Embracing Life and Leadership” initiative on November 17, 2010.

  • Welcome to Our New Site!

    We are excited to launch and to welcome you to our new site! Over the years since we’ve been working together, we have been inspired and humbled by the stories of the leaders who have been through our programs. Their willingness to dive in and do the deep work of transformation in themselves, in their teams and their organizations has moved us to continue and expand this work. This blog is another forum in which to make that happen.

  • The Importance of Practice, Reflection and Inquiry

    Practice, self-reflection and inquiry are critical aspects of developing and changing as a leader and as a human being.

  • Effects of a Positive Approach on Teams

    Research has been conducted on what the author’s of the following research study call “positivity” on creating highly effective teams.  Our experience working with hundreds of leaders has demonstrated that an appreciative mindset is a critical quality that sets good leaders apart from great leaders.  When we focus on leading from strengths, are optimistic and positive, and balance inquiry with advocacy we enhance our effectiveness as leaders.