Welcome to Our New Site!

We are excited to launch and to welcome you to our new site! Over the years since we’ve been working together, we have been inspired and humbled by the stories of the leaders who have been through our programs. Their willingness to dive in and do the deep work of transformation in themselves, in their teams and their organizations has moved us to continue and expand this work. This blog is another forum in which to make that happen. Check back often as we will offer a new practices, inquiries and self-reflections. We offer them to you as our gift for your own development.

We will feature program participants’ leadership stories about how they are using Integral Intelligence™ to enhance effectiveness in their work and lives. We hope short articles and research data will also be helpful and enlightening in your development as a leader.

We believe deeply that leaders are made, not born, and that within every human being is the potential for great leadership. It has been our experience that when we hold this intention and provide the opportunities for that potential to be unleashed, amazing things happen.

There has never been a time in history when great leadership was more needed. It is our hope that as leaders, we will leverage all of the intelligences at our disposal to make a positive difference in the world.