Integral Intelligence® Programs Tailored to Your Needs

The program can be tailored to meet specific business objectives. Approaches we have used with a variety of clients include:

  • Peer-to-peer focused coaching skill development
  • Cross-functional team experience on a business project to build skills for high potential leaders; this can be linked to your succession process
  • Developing Way-of-Being for mentors and mentees in a year-long mentoring program for high potential leaders
  • Cultural integration focused on building developmental coaching ability for senior leadership (top 3 layers in a company)

We can tailor to other business needs, based upon what you want to achieve with the program.

Integral Executive Coaching

I have become more self-aware of how I show up as a leader. What made this possible was working on my somatic and spiritual side and through understanding others' perceptions. I have become more self-generating, and the people who have benefited are my family, my co-workers, my company and myself.

Director, Business Operations

Integral Executive Coaching is an intensive one-on-one coaching process targeted to high potential and senior leaders seeking to gain greater mastery in leadership and life. We focus on "whole" person learning, supporting leaders in developing Integral Intelligence®.

These coaching programs are geared to meet the development needs of leaders in high visibility, high growth and/or high impact roles. We partner with our clients to create powerful development plans that optimize talents and resolve barriers to success. Regular coaching sessions are held over six to twelve months with periodic milestone assessments. Rapidly accelerating performance, our coaching process is personally and professionally fulfilling, fosters resilience, builds competencies, and provides leaders with confidence to meet the escalating demands of work and life.