Integral Intelligence®: A Transformational Approach for Leadership Development

Integral Intelligence® is a novel approach to executive coaching and leadership development that uses a holistic model. Leaders develop a powerful leadership presence, or Way-of-Being, in which they enhance self-insight and intention. They focus on how they show up in every moment, interaction, and response. Integral leaders create powerful business results by transforming themselves and unleashing potential in others.

Our approach to developing Integral Intelligence is encompassed in our model.

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It’s about fostering transformational change in leaders, their teams and organizations, and out into the world.

  • There is not a week that goes by that I do not remember your advice. Not once since our last session have I let my emotions show unless I wanted it to. I have had several opportunities where the balance between “justice” and what is best for the business has been weighed and I have landed where I needed to — without going down in a blaze of debate!”

    Vice President , General Manager, Operations

  • You made such a change in people’s lives – it is absolutely amazing to see and experience how well these folks are doing. The insights you gave them into themselves and how to manage in the world around them was a true gift.”

    Senior Vice President, Operations

  • You helped me take the first steps towards an approach to people and business situations in a way that balances both the rational/analytical perspective and the emotional aspects of leadership. I have become more confident and more successful leading my team and working with peers and senior executives. I’ve grown tremendously.”

    Director, Cambridge Research Labs, Hewlett-Packard

Developing a Leader’s Way-of-Being

The path to developing Way-of-Being as a leader is through the enhancement of several dimensions of intelligence called Integral Intelligence®. These dimensions are: cognitive, emotional, relational, spiritual, and somatic.

The integration of all of these intelligences manifests as a Way-of-Being for leaders. Integral leaders are resilient, inspirational, authentic, appreciative, present, courageous and generative.

Leadership is not only a state of doing; it is also a state of being. It’s not only what you do as a leader that counts; It’s who you are. This distinction is critical because it is how leaders “show up” that differentiates good, or not-so-good, leaders from great ones. Most leadership development is focused on Way-of-Doing: the tasks of management and leadership, such as financial acumen, setting out strategy and objectives, and functional expertise. This is necessary work, but not sufficient. Both Way-of-Being and Way-of-Doing are critical to achieving business results. Way-of-Being work helps leaders reflect on their own patterns of behavior and world view, initially invisible to them, and provides new practices, which create transformational shifts.

Integral Intelligence® assumes an appreciative stance to leadership. Focusing on the positive generates enhanced leadership capability and improved business results.